Bootstrap 3 Template from Initializr

In the previous tutorial we learned the best way to download and install Bootstrap 3 from the official Bootstrap website. With that approach you still had to download and install the jQuery library to get a working setup.

This time we’ll download the Bootstrap 3 template from Initializr. That download will also include the latest jQuery library.

Download from Initializr

The website provides a download of Bootstrap 3 where all of the other relevant files you need are included in the download.

You can see which versions will be included in their download package when you look (almost) top right on their home page.

To download and install Bootstrap 3 from Initializr:

  • Download

    Click on the “Bootstrap” button (big light-blue button) on the home page.
    On the next page scroll down and click on the orange button with “Download it!” (unless you have an specific requirement you can leave the default settings as they are)

  • Locate file and extract contents

    Go to the download location on your computer and look for the “initializr-verekia-4.0” zip-file. Extract the contents from this zip-file into the location where you want your Bootstrap project to be located.

  • Rename project folder

    Rename the folder “initializr” and give it the name of your Bootstrap project. Inside this folder you will find a file “index.html”. This is (/ could be) your basic template for Bootstrap 3 projects.


The advantages of the Initializr method to set up Bootstrap 3 are:

  1. all the required libraries (e.g. jQuery, etc.) are included in the download.
  2. all the links in the file “index.html” point to the correct location in the subfolders.
  3. you can easily copy and/or download this setup later on to your (hosting)server.

The “index.html” file in the download already contains a few often used Bootstrap components like the Navbar, Jumbotron and a grid with 3 columns.

As you might have read in my Bootstrap 3 Introduction the new version now uses a Flat design.

If you look carefully at the rendered version of the “index.html” file you will see a theme with gradients, etc. This is because the css-file for the optional theme is also included in the download and linked to in the head section. If you prefer the flat theme you only need to delete this link:

In the next tutorial I will explain how you can start a Bootstrap 3 project without downloading any files or libraries.

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