Bootstrap 3 tutorials

  • Bootstrap 3 Template with a CDN

    Like to use Bootstrap 3 without any hassle? Without having to worry if the links to the Bootstrap files are still working after uploading your site to a server?

    This time we’ll create a basic Bootstrap 3 template with a CDN that hosts the required Bootstrap and jQuery files.

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  • Bootstrap 3 Template from Initializr

    In the previous tutorial we learned the best way to download and install Bootstrap 3 from the official Bootstrap website. With that approach you still had to download and install the jQuery library to get a working setup.

    This time we’ll download the Bootstrap 3 template from Initializr. That download will also include the latest jQuery library.

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  • Bootstrap 3 Website Download Options

    When you visit the official Bootstrap 3 website you see a big download button on the home page. Unfortunately this creates the impression that this is the best method to install Bootstrap.

    But in my opinion there are better alternatives when you start with Bootstrap. This tutorial explains the the advantages and disadvantages of the Bootstrap 3 website download options.

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  • Bootstrap 3 New features

    The new version of Bootstrap has been released. Compared to the previous version this is a major overhaul. In this tutorial we’ll take a look at the Bootstrap 3 new features.

    • Bootstrap 3 is now a mobile-first framework (and of course) it’s still responsive.
    • The grid system has been completely changed.
    • And the design is now flat.

    In this tutorial I will walk you through each of these new features.

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