WordPress Theme Development: Starter theme

In this tutorial we’ll focus on WordPress Theme Development: Starter theme. This will be a completely new theme that only needs the WordPress core files to work. The result will be a basic theme that can be used as the start for a custom theme.

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WordPress Theme Development: Template Tags

This tutorial gives you an insight into which files you need to create and how to use  the template tags to build a dynamical website with WordPress.

WordPress Themes consist of a number of files that were created with so-called template  tags. The files work together to build the layout of a WordPress site. The template tags are based on PHP but much easier to use. With these template tags you can achieve interaction with a server where the content for the website/blog resides.

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WordPress Theme Development: Child theme

In this tutorial you will learn to develop your own WordPress child theme. Starting with an existing WordPress theme you’ll learn to develop a theme with its own styling.

A requirement for this tutorial is that you are familiar with WordPress as a user: that you know how to add a post to a blog and that you know how to jump to the dashboard of WordPress and select a(nother) theme. You also have to have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.

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WordPress theme editing with Dreamweaver

This tutorial shows step by step what you need to do if you want to start WordPress theme editing with Dreamweaver.

Getting Dreamweaver set up in such a way that you can edit a WordPress site can be a real challenge.

We will also take a look at several issues that often crop up when editing WordPress theme files in Dreamweaver.

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