jQuery tutorials

  • Bootstrap 3.1 and modals with remote content

    Bootstrap version 3.1 will break your modals if they display remote content.

    With the release of Bootstrap 3.1 the developers write that for modals with remote content this is a breaking change. That the release contains a bug fix that corrects a rather longstanding and overlooked error.

    This tutorial shows how to make bootstrap 3.1 and modals with remote content work correctly.

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  • Bootstrap 3 Sortable Table

    In this tutorial we’ll create a Bootstrap 3 Sortable Table which will sort the data in the table when you click on one (or several) of the column headers.

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  • Bootstrap 3 Affix

    Creating a Bootstrap Affix can be a challenging task. This tutorial will help you get it working.

    The Bootstrap 3 Affix is a navigation affix-ed (= attached) to the content on the same web page. The affix will reflect which part of the content the user is reading/looking at. But the affix can also be used to jump to a certain section in the content.

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  • Bootstrap 3 Toggable Tabs and Pills

    In this tutorial I will show you how to create a working Toggable Tab and how – with small modifications – its markup can be changed into variations like Toggable Pills, Vertical Toggable Tabs, etc..

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