jQuery tutorials

  • Bootstrap 3 Tooltips

    A tooltip is a small “box” with information that will be displayed when you hover over an item on a web page. A tooltip is only meant for a small amount of textual information. If you want to use a “hover box” that can display more text and images a popover would be better.

    If you have looked at the explanation in the Bootstrap 3 Tooltips section on their website and aren’t sure you understood all of it then this tutorial aims to clarify those issues. Tooltips appear simple by the look of them but you wouldn’t be the first to have questions about how to insert and style them. 

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  • Bootstrap 3 jQuery plugins

    One of the important distinguishing features of Bootstrap is that is has several often use jQuery plugins. These are described on the page with the heading ‘JavaScript’.

    If – like me – you have no programming experience this page can be really confusing. It uses several probably unfamiliar terms such as ‘Options’, ‘Methods’, ‘Events’, ‘Data attributes’ and the ‘API’ to ‘explain’ how to use it.

    This tutorial serves as an intro to jQuery and the Bootstrap 3 jQuery plugins.

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