LESS tutorials

  • Working with Bootstrap LESS

    Working with Bootstrap LESS files is an excellent way to create a customized Bootstrap webdesign.

    This tutorial describes how to make changes to the LESS files without having to re-do all or part of your hard work when Bootstrap releases an update.

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  • Bootstrap LESS files structure

    Bootstrap 3 now uses only one style sheet. This style sheet is compiled from quite a few Bootstrap LESS files. Understanding how these files are related to one another if you want to use them to customize a Bootstrap theme.

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  • LESS code compilers

    When you’re learning LESS you can use a simple tool like WordPad. But you may prefer an editor specifically made for LESS. You’ll certainly need a tool to compile (also called: preprocess) your LESS code into CSS. Because a browser isn’t able to handle LESS code without a bit of help.

    So in this tutorial we’ll look into LESS code compilers.

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  • Styling with LESS

    Creating a webdesign can be a lot of hard work. Translating your ideas for a beautiful design into HTML and CSS code is time consuming. Bootstrap already reduces the amount of work.

    LESS is a language that has been specifically created to make writing CSS less work. And because LESS is CSS (plus some extra’s) you do not really need to learn anything new.

    When you visit the Bootstrap project on GitHub you will see a folder called LESS. This folder contains the Bootstrap LESS styling files.  This tutorial will give you the basic knowledge about styling with LESS and help you understand (and customize) the Bootstrap less files.

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