• Best Bootstrap Visual Editor

    In this post I compare the features of currently available Bootstrap editors, discuss how good a job they do in practice before coming to a conclusion about which of them currently is the best Bootstrap Visual Editor.

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  • Filterable Portfolio

    In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a Bootstrap page where you can filter items. You can use it to create a filterable portfolio, a page where a user filters recipes, an online shop where customers filter products, etc.

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  • Bootstrap 3.1 and modals with remote content

    Bootstrap version 3.1 will break your modals if they display remote content.

    With the release of Bootstrap 3.1 the developers write that for modals with remote content this is a breaking change. That the release contains a bug fix that corrects a rather longstanding and overlooked error.

    This tutorial shows how to make bootstrap 3.1 and modals with remote content work correctly.

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  • Bootstrap 3 Sortable Table

    In this tutorial we’ll create a Bootstrap 3 Sortable Table which will sort the data in the table when you click on one (or several) of the column headers.

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