• Bootstrap 3 Contact Modal

    In this tutorial we’ll create a Bootstrap 3 Contact Modal.

    We’ll also link this to a PHP script that will send the input from the contact modal to ‘your’ e-mail address.

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  • Parametric mixins

    In the tutorial Styling with LESS we saw that LESS Mixins are classes that can be mixed into other classes. This is especially time saving when we use a class containing several lines of code and mix that in to define another class.

    Parametric Mixins give us flexibility. We can use the same rule set to define another class but customize it in different situations with the parameter(s).

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  • Bootstrap 3 Affix

    Creating a Bootstrap Affix can be a challenging task. This tutorial will help you get it working.

    The Bootstrap 3 Affix is a navigation affix-ed (= attached) to the content on the same web page. The affix will reflect which part of the content the user is reading/looking at. But the affix can also be used to jump to a certain section in the content.

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  • Bootstrap 3 Toggable Tabs and Pills

    In this tutorial I will show you how to create a working Toggable Tab and how – with small modifications – its markup can be changed into variations like Toggable Pills, Vertical Toggable Tabs, etc..

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  • Bootstrap 3 Scrollspy

    The Bootstrap 3 Scrollspy is probably one of the most frustrating jQuery plugins to implement. When you google for ‘Bootstrap Scrollspy’ a lot of the search results report something like “Scrollspy not working”.

    In this tutorial I’ll show you how you can get it working correctly.

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