• Working with Bootstrap LESS

    Working with Bootstrap LESS files is an excellent way to create a customized Bootstrap webdesign.

    This tutorial describes how to make changes to the LESS files without having to re-do all or part of your hard work when Bootstrap releases an update.

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  • Bootstrap 3 Popover with Image

    Popovers are different from tooltips because they can contain more text. And a popover is a better choice if you want to display content like images. This tutorial will show  how to create a Bootstrap 3 popover with image.

    But we’ll also look into other options and some things that might trip you up.

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  • Bootstrap LESS files structure

    Bootstrap 3 now uses only one style sheet. This style sheet is compiled from quite a few Bootstrap LESS files. Understanding how these files are related to one another if you want to use them to customize a Bootstrap theme.

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  • What are jQuery objects?

    Whenever a jQuery programmer sees code like this:

    he/she knows a jQuery object is created.

    Having some understanding of what objects are (in programming) is important if you want to understand jQuery scripts.

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  • How to customize a Bootstrap 3 theme

    A Bootstrap 3 theme is mobile-first and of course responsive. The components and jQuery plugins available in Bootstrap 3 allow you to quickly create a modern website.

    In this tutorial you will learn how to customize a Bootstrap 3 theme. To achieve this we’ll use Bootstrap Magic.

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