• Bootstrap 3 Template from Initializr

    In the previous tutorial we learned the best way to download and install Bootstrap 3 from the official Bootstrap website. With that approach you still had to download and install the jQuery library to get a working setup.

    This time we’ll download the Bootstrap 3 template from Initializr. That download will also include the latest jQuery library.

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  • WordPress Theme Development: Starter theme

    In this tutorial we’ll focus on WordPress Theme Development: Starter theme. This will be a completely new theme that only needs the WordPress core files to work. The result will be a basic theme that can be used as the start for a custom theme.

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  • LESS code compilers

    When you’re learning LESS you can use a simple tool like WordPad. But you may prefer an editor specifically made for LESS. You’ll certainly need a tool to compile (also called: preprocess) your LESS code into CSS. Because a browser isn’t able to handle LESS code without a bit of help.

    So in this tutorial we’ll look into LESS code compilers.

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  • Bootstrap 3 Website Download Options

    When you visit the official Bootstrap 3 website you see a big download button on the home page. Unfortunately this creates the impression that this is the best method to install Bootstrap.

    But in my opinion there are better alternatives when you start with Bootstrap. This tutorial explains the the advantages and disadvantages of the Bootstrap 3 website download options.

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  • WordPress Theme Development: Template Tags

    This tutorial gives you an insight into which files you need to create and how to use  the template tags to build a dynamical website with WordPress.

    WordPress Themes consist of a number of files that were created with so-called template  tags. The files work together to build the layout of a WordPress site. The template tags are based on PHP but much easier to use. With these template tags you can achieve interaction with a server where the content for the website/blog resides.

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  • Styling with LESS

    Creating a webdesign can be a lot of hard work. Translating your ideas for a beautiful design into HTML and CSS code is time consuming. Bootstrap already reduces the amount of work.

    LESS is a language that has been specifically created to make writing CSS less work. And because LESS is CSS (plus some extra’s) you do not really need to learn anything new.

    When you visit the Bootstrap project on GitHub you will see a folder called LESS. This folder contains the Bootstrap LESS styling files.  This tutorial will give you the basic knowledge about styling with LESS and help you understand (and customize) the Bootstrap less files.

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