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Bootstrap 3.1 and modals with remote content

Bootstrap version 3.1 will break your modals if they display remote content.

With the release of Bootstrap 3.1 the developers write that for modals with remote content this is a breaking change. That the release contains a bug fix that corrects a rather longstanding and overlooked error.

This tutorial shows how to make bootstrap 3.1 and modals with remote content work correctly.

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Bootstrap 3 Contact Modal

In this tutorial we’ll create a Bootstrap 3 Contact Modal.

We’ll also link this to a PHP script that will send the input from the contact modal to ‘your’ e-mail address.

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Bootstrap 3 Modals

The Bootstrap 3 modals are described on the website as “streamlined, but flexible, dialog prompts”. A basic modal is a large box that’s displayed when someone triggers it (usually with a button), provides information and then asks to make a choice.
Although in my opinion the information on the Bootstrap website has improved with the launch of version 3 there are still things that can easily lead to confusion. I hope this tutorial will clarify those issues.

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